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Learning support

Learning and Support Teacher (LAST)

The Learning and Support Teacher has the responsibility to coordinate the implementation of learning and support strategies as part of the Learning and Support team.

The tasks undertaken by the LAST are designed to support the school in meeting the learning and support needs of identified students, improving their learning experience, and assisting classroom teachers to increase their capacity to meet the needs of all students in their classrooms.


The POD (Place of Development) is a specialist teaching space located upstairs in E Block. The POD was developed to provide a space where students can receive support, particularly in Literacy and Numeracy.  Identified students can  also receive support with homework, class assessments, class content and exam preparation across faculties.

The POD is a great resource which allows students to work one on one or in small groups as well as being able to access specialist technology and software. 

Students can seek access to the POD by self-referring, teacher or learning support team referral or parent request.

Learning Support Team

The role of the Learning Support Team is to primarily support students and staff across all subjects.

 The Learning Support Team develop student support plans which can be accessed on line by staff. These plans have been divided into four main categories;

  • Health
  • Learning
  • Behaviour
  • Anaphylaxis

The plans allow staff to implement explicit strategies targeting individual student needs in the classroom.

The Learning Support Team also plan, develop and implement whole school programs targeting learning and behaviour across all year groups in their key learning areas.

For further information, please contact our Head Teacher, Teaching and Learning (Support).