Carlingford High School

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Brief History

The decision to build a new high school at North Carlingford was made in early 1967.  The contractor, A.V Jennings, commenced construction in Autumn and was required to complete enough of the building works to enable the school to open at the start of 1968.

In October, the first Principal, Mr M. J. Maiden, met 165 students enrolled in first form at Pennant Hills High School and who were destined for the new school, known officially at that stage as “Carlingford North High School”. The students were dressed in school uniform designed by a committee of parents appointed by Mr R. Stacey, principal of Pennant Hills High School. A further meeting was held with the parents where a motion was carried that the Department of Education be asked to name the school “Carlingford High School”.

Two more meetings were held with the committee prior to the beginning of the new school year. At these meetings, arrangements were finalised  for the first school day of 1968, along with the establishment of a school badge and motto. Much thought went into the latter with a view to linking the badge with the name “Carlingford”. Mr H. Frater, former Headmaster of Carlingford Rural School, informed the committee that Carlingford was named after Carlingford in Ireland. Mr Maiden, wrote to the Embassy of Ireland in Canberra and received information about Irish Carlingford. It was then decided to design a badge and motto that would incorporate the “Venturegameness” of the Vikings and the idea that education should be an adventure. The design of the badge was to be in keeping with the design of the school and with an Australian flavour, hence the square, sever line of the badge and the boomerang on which the motto appears. Several different designs were worked on by artists at “Perfection Plate” and the Maiden family also worked on the design. The committee finally reached a decision with the agreed motto “Adventure In Learning” put forward by the appointed Deputy Principal Mr. N. Leeder and the badge design created by Mr Maiden's wife.

As late as the Thursday before school was to resume, it was still unclear whether critical construction works delayed by inclement weather would be completed and enable the school to open. Fortunately the weather cleared and the final concrete was poured on the Friday before the start of term.