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Enrolments for Year 7

Students attending local State Primary schools in Year 6  will be issued with the required documents (provided by the Department of Education) to enable parents to enrol their child in their local/in area high school. These  forms are completed by parents and returned to the primary school who in turn will forward them on to the appropriate high school.

Carlingford High school requires parents to provide:-

  • Proof of current residential address (whether in or out of area) via completion of a 100 point residential proof checklist
  • birth certificate /or Passport & Visa and in the case of International students and/or temporary visa holders, a completed Authority to Enrol (ATE) prior to final confirmation for enrolment.

Should these documents not be provided by the required date, then the enrolment at Carlingford High School will be unable to proceed, as provision of proof of ADDRESS is a condition of enrolment.

In the forms provided by DoE there is a section where the Primary school nominates your local High school.

Should you not wish to go to the nominated in-area school, there is a section where you can nominate your 1st to 3rd choice of out of area school.

If your home is not located within the drawing area of that high school, you may not be successful in your enrolment application. However, Carlingford High school will review every application on its merits and on the information provided by parents to support their case.

Please ensure you read our enrolment policy and the criteria by which out of area applications may be accepted.

CHS 100 Point Checklist - Moving from Year 6 to Year 7.

The application form must be completed in English. However, a translated application to enrol may help you to fill out the form in English.