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HSC survival tips

03 Oct 2018

students and teachers during HSC

Video transcript


If you were to do the HSC again what would you do differently?


If I was to do the HSC again I would probably be more organised.


Probably do more past papers instead of writing notes. That way I get more practice on what kind of questions would be in the exam.


When I got my ATAR and I was really happy with it I was like damn. If I had known that or if someone had told me then I think I would've been like a lot more calm and I probably would've done better as well.


To someone who is about to sit their HSC exams my best advice to you I guess is to breathe.


Don't stress way too much. There's always different pathways to do what you want to do.


Going over the dot points of the syllabus.


I didn't do amazing in my HSC. I did fine. I probably didn't do as well as I should have. But it really didn't close as many doors as I think a lot of people think that it might.


Yes it may reflect you know your academic abilities and the effort that you put in. But ultimately your success and your happiness is determined by yourself and what you want to get out of life.

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